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How do you handle disappointment?

27 Feb

How do you handle disappointment?

Recently I found out I’d lost out on a pretty sweet gig, and the worst part is, I can’t really hate on the person who got that gig because as I understand it – they’re pretty awesome.  But still, it stings.  It stings bad!

But this emotional ouchie is really getting to me, and I’m trying to pull through by focusing on the things around me that make me feel better.  Here’s what I did:

1.  I left work about 20 minutes early yesterday so I wouldn’t have to fight traffic. Seriously, traffic is so bad it would normally bring me to tears, so that little bit of extra time really helped.

2.  I ate my sorrows away.  Seriously, I killed a half a bag of salt and pepper potato chips.  These chips are DA BOMB, and they were delicious!  Don’t judge me.

3.  I drank.  I did, I had a few brews.  By myself.  In my pajamas.  I did, I drank a few Peronis, in my pajamas on the couch with my doggie and just relaxed.  Don’t judge me.  😉

4.  I cuddled with my pup.  Does anything make you feel better than a face full of puppy kisses?  I know.  NOTHING DOES!

5.  I watched my favorite TV shows.  There are a few shows that ALWAYS make  me laugh, even on reruns.  These are the shows I watched last night that made me giggle:  How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory and Cougar Town.  Giggles abounded.  My tears subsided.

6.  Cry and whine to your significant other about how horrible you feel and let them tell you how awesome you are.  (But don’t push your luck, you only get a 48 hour window of this self-pity/wallowing before they are allowed to tell you to get over it already.)

So this morning I woke up still disappointed, but mostly having moved past my blues so that I can start my day fresh as a daisy.  Okay, I’m still friggin bitter, but if you are stuck home alone with bad news, I recommend these few tips.



An Open Letter to Boardwalk Empire

17 Sep

Dear Boardwalk Empire,

I would like to take this moment to tell you how very much I’ve missed you.  Honestly, time passes so slowly without you and then, last night, it felt as if the world spun a little faster while I was watching you.  That could also be due to the fact that I was holding onto to the seat cushions for dear life as this season started ramping up.  You did not waste anytime with the cruel, meaningless violence, and I appreciate that.

You see, I’ve fallen so in love with your characters that I sometimes forget they are all murdering psychopaths.  So thanks for reminding me.

I also appreciated how quietly you reveal the complete derangement of Jimmy’s Mom, Jillian.  That woman is a sick twisted bitch, and I just really hope Richard kidnaps that little boy and takes him someplace safe and far far away.  But see, Richard’s a gangster, too. But at least we know he wont molest the little guy.  Man, that Jillian is awful.

And our good all Nucky, I love how he is on the upswing.  He’s got his wife, his pretty mistress, a gorgeous house and he’s setting things up for the easy gangster life.  But we all know that won’t last.

Because holy shit, Bobby Cannavale’s Gyp Rosetti is terrifying me!  The kind of unstable rage, barely concealed that you never know when he’s going to erupt and beat you senseless with a crowbar and steal your dog.

In closing, I’d just like to say that I am so happy to you back in my life, creeping me out, pissing me off (Damn you Jillian!), and reminding us what natural breasts looked like.

I’ll see you next Sunday.


P.S.  And please let Van Alden get all gangster on us.  Michael Shannon is devastating in his quiet suffering, and he really needs to work out some ragey issues.