My Dog is An Evil Genius

25 Sep

Apparently someone read my blog post the other day, and 24 hours later I found my wallet shredded to pieces.

Now, normally I’d be pissed off since the wallet was expensive.  However, I am impressed that somehow she was able to unzip my purse and remove my wallet.  That shows real skill for someone without opposable thumbs.  Impressive.

I shouldn’t be surprised though.  This is the same crafty pooch that used to flip the couch cushions over and tear out hte stuffing from the inside.  This was after she’d unzipped the other cushions, also.

Once we decided to get a scat mat to keep her off the couches, as you can probably guess that backfired.  She figured out that only the top of the mat was electrified and I watched her slip her nose UNDER the mat, flip it over on itself and gently remove it so she could chillax on the couch.  I’ve since just resorted to putting blankets down on all the couches.  It’s just easier that way.  She won.

In any case, I’m currently really miffed that I have to buy a new wallet, but I can’t say that I’m not disappointed about having something new to shop for.  The only downside is I have to wait for mybank to send me new cards because the current ones all have puncture marks in them from her teeth.

For your entertainment, here’s a video of the Cookie Monster breaking and entering.   We’re doomed.  She is smarter than me, I fear.

Breaking and Entering


2 Responses to “My Dog is An Evil Genius”

  1. KK October 13, 2012 at 1:39 pm #

    Our evil genius, Carl, used to unplug things before chewing the plugs off and leaving them in a pile in the dining room.

    • Eye Dios Mio October 15, 2012 at 9:08 am #

      That is a crafty pup!

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