Funky Fresh

2 Sep

Living in Miami is a strange beautiful mix of culture and class.  For example, everyday I drive by Camilla’s house where people are lined up to get just the minimum to eat, while I cruise in my little truck to my secretary job in air conditioning.  Meanwhile, I get flipped the finger by the douche in the mercedes who is texting on his blackberry while he zooms to his job to sexually harass his secretary.  See how that works?  We’re all around each other at the same time, yet never really interacting. Except for that middle finger gesture.

On Friday we went out to a local watering hole that is located near a college that is very well known and very very expensive.  Hubs is outside with friends talking, when a homeless man rolls up on his bicycle.  Before he can even SAY a word, a student at this “elite” university stumbles out and very loudly swears at the homeless dude, “If he asks for change, tell him to call Obama.”

Now, I will leave out all the racial undertones of this interaction, (homeless man- black; rich kid – white), but I will say that the guy  never asked for a dime.  Rather, he heard the funky tones of the band that night, wandered in and right into the middle of our group.

There were several of us dancing to the funk band in the front of the bar, and all of a sudden this guy walks in, freezes.  Then he puts his hands in the air for a few seconds, before he hits the ground and just starts dancing.

I would say it was a combination of Michael Jackson and James Brown.  Let’s just say, the guy had some moves.

So apparently, this guy didn’t want our money – just our company.  And the room and freedom to get down with his funky self.   He was gregarious, cheerful and wished our friend a happy birthday.

So perhaps he wasn’t homeless, maybe he was just down on his luck – which is why his appearance was so bedraggled.  Perhaps he just wanted some company for the evening.

There is no real moral of the story here, I guess.  Except don’t be a jerk.  Sometimes that guy you think is homeless and is begging for money for crack, is just a fan of funk.


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