Candy dish

2 Sep

Today my dog is Cookie Monster. Because some shiz just went down that is straight up disgusting.   Dog owners know that the more disgusting something is,. the more their dog will want to roll in it, smell it, or eat it.  Most likely, all three.

Now, if you are simultaneously a cat owner AND a dog owner you are well aware of the hazards of the kitty litter.  The kitty litter is a virtual candy dish to your dog.   To their eyes and nose, you may as well have an easter basket out for their enjoyment.  In other words, they eat cat poop.  With aplomb. 

Cookie today, is Cookie Monster.  Because this beautiful face, just put her gorgeous nose into the kitty litter and snagged a big ol poop and chomped on it all the while I chased her out of the house.  It was disgusting.

She’s so gross, and I shall not be receiving any puppy kisses today.  Ew.



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