Nudity and Royalty

23 Aug

Regarding our very naked Prince Harry, I have a few thoughts.

On the one hand I absolutely love it. Who doesnt love watching young people act ridiculous – especially the privileged? But on the other hand, I feel awful for the kid. (Yes, he’s a kid. At 36, I get to call anyone in their twenties “kid”)

My friends and I have a pretty good facebook understanding. Some of us work in positions that are delicate, so there are no drunk photos, photos of us vomiting on each other, photos of us swimming naked in the Sea of Gaililea (I’m looking at YOU young Republicans) – and CERTAINLY nobody is playing strip pool. Admittedly, NONE of us are rocking young nubile bodies anymore but still – ew. (Again, looking at YOU young Republicans – okay I am actually trying to UNSEE that).

We call it “the facebook rule.” We dont “Check-In” and we dont post embarrassing photos. I also have a very strict “No double chin” policy when it comes to photos. That may not be relevant to this particular conversation, but I believe in kindness and paying it forward so I am including it here. Trust, your friends will appreciate it.

Having said all that, I feel bad for Prince Harry. Yeah, he’s a prince and privileged and all that – I get it. Life is easier – but is it kinder? Is life fuller?

If you cant trust your friends NOT to take naked photos of you and then SELL THEM, do you have any friends? Because in that group of naked coeds in his hotel room, there HAD to be a couple of close confidants who knew JUST KNEW they should have confiscated telephones before the underwear came off. Perhaps at the beginning of the night. I have enough experience with trying to take undetected cell phone pics of people in Wal-Mart that it’s a difficult endeavor to do so and unnoticed. Let’s face it, those pics were well lit and pretty clear. THEY HAD TO KNOW SOMEONE WAS TAKING PICTURES! And nobody blinked an eye. His friends, at least one of them, should have known and done something about it. Someone in his inner circle allowed it to happen, or actively participated in it. And that sucks.

It must be very lonely living a life like that. Never trusting anyone, always suspecting someone may be just waiting for lucrative moment to sell. To have lawyers travel with you, to have your sexual partners sign “confidentiality agreements” before you can even kiss them, lest they sell the tale a-la a Hooters Waitresses banging Ashton Kutcher. And let’s face it, Prince Harry is a lot more likeable than the Kutch. (Pronounced “Kootch”).

In short, I feel bad for the guy. He’s young, he’s having fun and not doing anything different than other drunk 20 somethings I know.

Of course, there is an easier solution to all of this: Keep your clothes on. But in Vegas? Everything is optional, including pants.


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