19 Nov

I am constantly winking at everyone, a persistent flirt.  It’s not by choice, my eye is swollen shut due to surgery and a rather persistent retinal tear.

The strange thing is that I’ve always winked at people. To emphasize a point, to flirt, or to just be friendly. 

“Thanks for all your help” –wink-

“Nice to meet you!” -wink-

“After you . . . “ -wink-

My good friend Janette once commented that I winked at everyone like a creepy old man.  It was a habit I couldn’t stop, although I tried. 

Through the years, it happened less and less.  Maybe it was because I worked at stuffy law firms and wasn’t very happy.  Or maybe I just grew out of a weird habit.

Now, I find people looking at me strangely as they come to the front desk and I greet them, or I open a door.  They hesitate, wondering if my face is deformed as I smile and open a door for them, or if I’m flirting.

I swear today an old hispanic licked his lips at me as I let him pass me in line at the Arepa stand . . . or he could have just been dehydrated.

Either way, this one swollen winking eye is creating some very strange social situations. 

I kind of like it. I may just bring an old habit back into circulation and keep people guessing.


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